“Hacked” due to security issue in WordPress 4.7.1

Today morning I noticed that my blog had been altered as it looked as displayed in the picture above. The first thing I did when I noticed this was to take my webserver offline until I could check what actually happened and to assess the impact of this breach of security. Fortunately the damage turned out to be very limited and easy to resolve so after a short research I was able to reconnect my webserver again and write about it. Continue reading ““Hacked” due to security issue in WordPress 4.7.1″

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!

It’s a new year so the design of this blog has been refreshed as well. As I wrote a few weeks ago, some important things changed in my private live. On the short time it causes some stress and will be distracting me, but I have no doubts that this will be only for a short time. For now it means that I will probably have some more time for this blog and will be posting more frequent again, how this will develop on the longer term is still unsure.

For now I still have some time off to spend on my family and IT… keep posted for some updates the coming days. Anyway again all the best for this new fresh year!

Reviving this blog again…

So… that intention from early 2015 to write things more often didn’t quite work out as you may see… As I changed jobs early 2015 I have not been able to post anything anymore since March 2015. Yes, the job was very demanding and I hardly had time to spend though that’s not the only reason for not posting (though it was all due to lack of time in the end).

Things are changing now (the change will probably be good, the reasons aren’t) so I will be reviving this blog again the coming days and weeks. I have literally hundreds of draft articles and ideas laying around to cover though time may still be the limiting factor…

I am currently creating an inventory of still to be covered topics to get started and expect to start posting regularly as of this weekend.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015!

A new fresh year and wish you all the best for 2015, let it be a great year in which things only get better again for all.

As you can see also a new fresh website for my blog. I have moved over to WordPress as it suited my needs better and allowed me to simplify my setup (as I am hosting it myself).  During the course of last year I ran into small problems and issues with my setup of the Pebble blogging software I used. I still think Pebble was a great platform when I started using it a long time ago. There have hardly been any updates to the platform, which did not really bother me from a functional perspective, but did make me wonder whether there are really no security issues with it (or that they were just not found & fixed as it has a very small usage footprint). Besides the anti-spam mechanisms it had turned out not to work so I ended up manually removing spam comments just too often. Last but not least it required too much system resources as it requires a Java Servlet container that I do not need for anything else (anymore).

Therefore I decided last year to migrate my own and a few other blogs I host to a single WordPress 4 Network Instance. Migration was not flawless and I am still in the process of migrating the articles from last year (doing that manually) so expect some more content to be added the coming days/weeks. The design is still quite basic, I will clean that up once I find the time for that.

Let 2015 be a very good and productive year!

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014 to all of you!

As you may have noticed, things have become extremely quiet here and and published only a few posts during 2013. The key reason for that was that at my day job things were (and still are) tough, which did not let me a lot of time over the weekend spend time with my family, to play around with technical stuff, and still have enough energy (and discipline) left to post about that here. Now for this year I do not expect that to change immediatly, but I still do have a number of posts in draft to finish regarding the recovery of upgrade to Mac OS X Maverick, I have started to play with Cisco routers which requires me to document stuff and have some small projects lined up for this year to complete….

Now of course this is the beginning of the year, which normally means a fresh start and a lot of initial ideas… so let’s change some things now for the rest of this year…

Back online

The last 7 months I have not been able to spend any time on this blog, which has not just resulted in no updates, but also in an awful lot of spam in the comments (which was not visible as I have to approve commentes anyway). I found over 12.500 spam messages in the comments, of which 11.000 in one article. The bad thing of this was that this large amount of comments killed the performance of my blog, so I had to do something.

The good thing about Pebble (the blog software I use) is that is has a very simple XML file-based structure to store articles and comments, so this was very easy to cleanup. All  I had to do was

  1. Shutdown the blog system (only shutting down the webapp in Glassfish sufficed
  2. Locate the XML files that were huge
  3. Edit the large XML file using vi on the command line, removing anything between <comments>…</comments>
  4. Restart the Pebble webapp in Glassfish.

And the spam was removed, which also resolved the performance issue

Now the good news, not being able to post anything does not mean I did not have any spare time to experiment with things so I do have a number of items to complete and document the coming weeks (I’m having some time off now) . Expect some posts frequently during the summer period…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate this event!

Unfortunately I discovered a very unwelcome Christmas present here… it seems some spammer has discovered my blog and posted over 2700+ bogus comments containing spam links. Please do not click on any of these! I have changed the commenting policy (it requires my approval now) and am busy cleaning  up the mess caused at the moment (trying to preserve any serious comments). My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Migrating to Mac OS X Server

Just before Christmas I bought myself a Mac Mini Server with OS X Lion Server. The idea behind this machine is to replace my current server (a almost 7 year old Dell PowerEdge 2850). From the specs this machine is way faster, has more diskspace (although no RAID5, but I have a NAS for storage anyway) and it uses way less energy than the current setup. Based on a quick calculation, the mac mini server would use less than 15% compared to the Dell, which means that this investment would earn itself back in about 2 – 3 years.

I have been playing around with the Mac OS X Lion Server for a while to make up my mind how I want to migrate my current setup. Since Mac OS X is based on BSD, it does provide a very good platform to replace my linux-based setup, but I am not quite convinced yet the way Apple has structured would work for me. Besides, I do like to keep some things separate, so I am still looking for a good way to do this. So far the only (and most efficient / easiest) way to achieve these appears to be running some services in a VM.

In the coming weeks I will be migrating different services from my Linux-based setup to either something running on Mac OS  X Lion Server natively, or inside a VM running on Linux on the Mac Mini Server. Each of these migrations will be described here to help others.

Started a new challenge

Today I started a new challenge as senior manager with one the largest global Consultancy and System Integration practices. The first day was already very promising after working for a very small firm. A lot of things have been organized and people are taking care of it, instead of having to sort out things yourself. I am currently going through a 3-day introduction and hope to start my first assignment soon. Anyway the coming months will be very interesting…

Happy New Year!

A happy 2010 to everyone! I wish you all the best for this year, all in good health. Enjoy the festivities and make it a great start of the new year.

During this year do have the intention to make frequent posts to this blog, you will be the judge of whether I will be able to keep that promise you (and feel free to remind me of it!).

now back to the party…