About me

Welcome to my personal blog, which represents only my personal views and is mainly used to write about IT-related things. This site does not represent any views, opinions or endorsement of my employer or its customers.

My educational background is a combination of IT and Business Administration, I hold a Master of Science degree in both. I worked as a developer and software designer, IT and project manager with very large and very small firms. Nowadays I am employed by a large global consulting firm and working in the IT Consulting area. Although I have a rather technical background, I am nowadays mainly working as senior (project/program) manager, which keeps me most of the time far away from the stuff I still like to do: playing with IT (especially Unix, networking, VOIP and Video). Since many times I need to investigate and combine things to get things working in my context, I am writing on this blog what I did to get things working so that I do not forget about it when I need it later.

Besides IT, I also spend my spare time as much as I can with my wife and great 3 children and try to learn Russian so I can at least follow the conversations at home.