Piwigo LDAP module blocks upgrade to 2.7 :-(

Today Piwigo 2.7 became available (for info on what’s new refer to their announcement). While upgrading I noticed that the Ldap Login module I depend on is not supported and according to this announcement on the Piwigo forums probably never will be.

I did try to perform the update and patch the LDAP Login plugin, but had to five that up after spending more than an hour on it as it turned out that something had changed in the way authentication is handled in Piwigo. Since I was running out of time I had to leave that for now as it turned out not to be a simple fix.

For me this is bad news as I am depending on LDAP integration so for now I cannot upgrade. Since the 2.7 version is still very fresh (i.e. only announced today) I will just defer the upgrade to see if there is any movement on this plugin. If not, I will have to look for another solution unfortunately….

Will document any alternative solution here as well once I find it to help others with a similar dependency.